We as New Age Consultants offer you for the first time a totally dedicated personalized service of understanding your needs & helping you to perceive your artistic & commercial activities in tune with our perception of the new age market place and guide you with our specialized knowledge to be successful.

As your new age consultants, with our new vision, seeing the complete new picture we perceive our role as radically different from conventional consultants.

The strategic principle deployed here is Each To Their Own Needs. The world today is super fragmented by specialization; this is one of the unfortunate effects of the Information Age that to us is now the past. We believe that we have stepped into the new age the Conceptual Age. We believe that in this new age the role of the artist & the entrepreneur needs to be redefined from the conventional one to be in tune with globalization & the new economic order.

What does this mean & how does it work.

Each industry has its rapidly changing specific needs. Firstly, to recognize these new & additional needs, as industry specific is our unique perspective that we will bring into play in this new age environment as your consultants, addressing them with a professional yet personal touch.

So in our chosen fields of Film-Art-Literary we see three stages to successful implementation of projects across the spectrum as follows:

  1. The first most important stage in the new age is probably understanding and discovering the creative and commercial needs of each individual & company. This will entail applying our specially designed analytical process, which will help understanding the new age dynamics, defining new roles thus crystallizes the need. In economic terms either a clear demand or supply is established specific to the industry concerned.
  2. In the second stage we will convert the need into a goal and design a result oriented programme package to be implemented in the new age industry specific market place, with all the necessary specialization carefully selected. Our endeavor will be to create a win-win market strategy.
  3. In the third stage we will implement the planned new age market strategy; from inception to completion successfully in coordination with our client in the new economic global markets.

Our Professional Fee Structure:

a) We will undertake the work of stage 1 and 2 for a professional fee depending on the work & time involved on a case-to-case basis, under terms of a contract.

b) We will undertake stage 3 on a percentage fee based on total project cost again on a case-to-case basis under terms of contract.

Feature Films/Documentaries/Television Software Setting up of Co- Productions
Distribution & Exhibition
Production Design
Post Production
Location Hunting
Art Evaluation and Art Investment
Art Conservation and Restoration
Art Exhibition
Art Auction
Promote international artists in India
Promote and exhibit Indian Contemporary Art Internationally
Setting up of an Art Gallery
Conducting Art Camps
Sourcing of art for hotel/interior decorators/architects
Sourcing Folk and Tribal art
Performing Arts
Organizing of Indian classical & folk troupes to perform internationally. Event Management of Foreign Groups to perform in India.
Literary Agents
Outsourcing from India - design - processing - printing
Publishing and Distribution of books and magazines in India.
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