"A Happy & Successful Marriage between the Arts & Commerce is indeed a true challenge and worthy of a life time of striving".

Sorab Irani
Chairman/Managing Director

I started my career as General Manager of Himalaya Films, a production & distribution company of Shree Chetan Anand, Dev Anand and Vijay Anand. In six years I gained all round experience in Production, Distribution & Exhibition. During my term in office produced three major multi-starer Hindi feature films: "Kudrat", "Saheb Bhadur" & "Hum Rahe Na Hum". I incorporated my production company SBI Impresario in 1975.

I am a fully trained Indian Classical Vocalist. In tune with my passion for the Classical Fine Arts and my adeptness as a drama stage producer, I produced on the Bombay stage five full-length Bharata Natayam Dance Ballets in Sanskrit in collaboration with my sister Dr. Mrs. Khurshid B. Shroff, Bharata Natayam Dancer & Teacher. (Now settled in Adelaide-Australia where she is teaching & performing this traditional art form very successfully).

It is the nature of creative endeavor to ignore the reality constrains of commerce. The nature of commerce demands planning, structural discipline, and the achieving of time bound goals. These seemingly opposite natures inherent in any creative enterprise is only truly brought under smooth functionality control by the third, the one that has understood the compulsions of both these elements deeply through experience and learnt this rare and rather arduous art of managing them successfully. This is the service that we as consultants are offering. We believe that any successfully creative enterprise be it Filmmaking, Art Presentation or a Literary work is a happy marriage between Art & Commerce.

No doubt that to a large extent measures have been evolved which are checks and balances to this essential conflict, however human beings are not machines and the latent conflict can surface rather destructively, unless projects are properly conceived and monitored by experienced consultants.

Today the world is a global village and we see our presence in cyberspace strongly as a portal for talent pools to meet commercial resources a sort of personalized matchmaking consultancy service metaphorically speaking.

My company invites you to come to us, take full advantage, as we are probably one of the very few companies around who are offering this rare service gained through experience, being in the field for the past thirty years.

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