Film Appreciation Workshop

 Film is a powerful medium of communication and the artform of the 21st century.

The workshop is envisaged to make the individual experience the world of film across all cultures and beyond all boundaries. The experience will then be probed to understand the language of film through the very filmmaking process of cinematography,sound,editing etc with the works of critically acclaimed filmmakers. The workshop will also address  ‘Acting’ which is often neglected as an important component of the film.

Film Appreciation (Audio Visual)

* Evolution of Cinema/ History of Cinema
    Birth of Cinema to Contemporary Cinema
* International Film Movements
    German Expressionism, Surrealism, Soviet Cinema, Italian Neo Realism,
    French New Wave, Iranian New Wave Cinema 
* Hollywood
   Rise, Golden Age, Decline
* Film Genres
    Musical, Gangster, Film Noir, Western
* Indian Cinema
    First Beginnings, Studio System, Popular Cinema, Art Cinema
* Film Screening and analysis/discussion

Film Orientation (Audio Visual)

* Film Making Process  
    Screenplay, Cinematography, Sound, Art Direction, Editing, Special Effects
* Film Technology
    Camera, Lens, Film Stock/Film Format, Projector and Projection
* Language of Film
   How to read a film using signs and syntax
* Film and Literature
    Cinematic treatment of a literary work
* The Medium
   Theatre - Film - Television
* Film Screening and analysis/discussion

Acting Appreciation (Audio Visual)

* Evolution of Acting/History of Acting (Theatre and Cinema)
    Important styles and techniques of acting
* Acting in Cinema
    Technique of Staging/ Blocking, Close-up, Expressive Object, Rhetoric
* Actor and Audience
   Presentational and Representational modes of acting 
* Modern Acting Training
    Stanislavsky’s The System, Strasberg’s The Method , Chekhov’s Psychological  
   Gesture, Meisner’s Repetition, Appel’s Mask Characterization    
* Indian Cinema
    Natyashastra and various other influences on Indian cinema, Melodrama as an acting    
    mode, Changing Role of the Hero, Role of Women

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